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Welcome to the Historic Hunterfly Road Houses

This feature allows you to explore the layout and objects from the Historic Hunterfly Road Houses, now located on Bergen Street, in Brooklyn, New York – 1698 (1930s house), 1700 (1900s house), 1702 (1860s house) and 1704 (1860s house) Bergen Street.

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The ‘Explore’ tab in the top-right corner allows you to view other areas of African American Communities related to Weeksville Heritage Center. Click on the menu options to listen to oral histories of residents of Weeksville and individuals involved in ‘Project Weeksville’ and view documents, including objects and photographs related to life in the houses on Bergen Street. You can also click on Map of Weeksville to explore Weeksville and the surrounding area. This map is courtesy of the project: In Pursuit of Freedom, a collaboration between Brooklyn Historical Society, Irondale Ensemble Project, and Weeksville Heritage Center.

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About Weeksville Heritage Center and the Hunterfly Road Houses

Weeksville Heritage Center is a significant historic American site; an enclave of preserved homes belonging to a free and independent African American community organized by African American entrepreneurs and land investors. Weeksville became the second largest known independent African American community in the pre-Civil War U.S.A.  A deeply engaged community, Weeksville residents sustained one of the first African American newspapers, advocated for abolition and education, and provided safe haven during the violent draft riots of the Civil War era.

In the late 1960s, Weeksville was all but forgotten until a small group of community activists ‘rediscovered’ four dilapidated houses that were residential remnants of historic Weeksville. The Historic Hunterfly Road Houses, as they are known today, are New York City landmarks, and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Today the houses can be found on Bergen Street in Brooklyn, New York.

For further information, visit www.weeksvillesociety.org